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Assembling & packaging. at home in Hoogeveen, the netherlands.

Internationally high-profile specialist in the professional assembly, packing and transport of medical instruments, medical devices, etc. Packing products for the food industry, where the highest possible hygiene levels are the norm.


Research into new, better and more reliable packaging materials, product development, sterilisation technologies, coming up with ideas for - justifiably - demanding clients.
Some products simply deserve a lot more care and attention than others.
Our own, important contribution to saving people's lives.
Starting point: the perfection pursued by our clients is our daily job.
And we think it’s a fantastic job.


Meet our dedicated team and view our extraordinarily well-equipped clean rooms of our high-quality, highly clean production location.
We look forward to seeing you in Hoogeveen.

“We do much more than assembling & packaging”.

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12 Jan 15:38
naast dat Almed Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Onderneemt gaan we ook duurzaam! Alle ruimtes worden voorzien van LED verlichting
13 Dec 09:51
The employees of Almed wish all customers and suppliers Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017. Almed wenst iedereen fijne feestdagen happy 2017
17 Oct 12:08
Helaas Almed niet in de finale van dovhj2016, maar wel zeer trots! zie hierbij de pitch film:
7 Oct 14:57
Almed is genomineerd als Drentse ondernemer van 2016!! #teamwork # trots op alle medewerkers